IFSAM Conference

IFSAM Preliminary Program

(invited panelists, * confirmed)

On the challenges of & opportunities for management research in times of pandemic across the globe: Rules of the game, knowledge generated and its diffusion and use (link with practice)

AOM past president

Len Treviño, IberoAmerican president

*Jane Lu, Asia AOM president

*Michael Morley, Irish AOM & IFSAM past president

*Anne Tsui, IACMR & RRBM founding president (also AOM 67th president)

*Sibel Yamak, EURAM past president

*David Zoogah, Africa AOM president

On the challenges of and opportunities for management education in times of pandemic: The radical shift to online instruction (‘the business of now’) and its future

*Melanie Bryant, ANZAM outgoing president (or incoming one)

*Sandro Castaldo, SIMA president (Società Italiana di Management)

*Salma Damak, ATC (Association Tunisienne de la Comptabilité) president

*Javier Gimeno, IberoAmerican AOM and SMS past president

*Norio Kambayashi, JABA president

*Michael Pirson, IHMA president

*Antonio Gastaud Maçada, ANPAD outgoing president

On the challenges of and opportunities for management practice in pandemics: Adaptation (online shift), restructuring & reinventing, developing resilience (how does academic management knowledge help?)

*Sharon Alvarez, AOM VP elect

Africa Ariño, SMS president

*Pawan Budhwar, INDAM founding president

*Thomas Durand, EURAM immediate past president

*Stefan Gueldenberg, EURAM VP practice

*Lee Lu, AODN president

*Mark Mullaly, ASAC VP

On the challenges of and opportunities for management learned societies in pandemic times: Shifting to online, redefining activities and financial resilience

*Isabelle Bouty, AIMS president

*Felicity Kelliher, Irish AOM chair

*Trish McLaren, ASAC president

*Kathrin Moeslein, EURAM president

*Alketa Peci, ANPAD incoming president

Quinetta Roberson, AOM president

*Zhang Yang, IFSAM president