From Research To Practice: Making Scientific Knowledge Accessible

EURAM SPARKS is an open-access platform driven by the idea to widely spread the latest research findings from EURAM community to practitioners.

SPARKS are based on cutting-edge research published in academic journals, academic books or at academic conferences. SPARKS are presented in their very essence, understandable and impactful for practitioners who are provided with practical solutions and recommendations at their fingertips!

Science You Can Trust
Rigorous application of the scientific method – practitioners trust this knowledge because it is grounded in rigorous research from the EURAM  Community.

Practitioners Focus
Our ambition as EURAM researchers is to generate impact for a better world.

Accessible Platform
EURAM SPARKS is open access, easily and immediately available to all.

Relevant and Understandable
Relevant academic research is communicated to practitioners in an understandable way.

Knowledge With a Global Reach
EURAM SPARKs is not limited to European Research only. It should be a strong global voice of Modern and Open Europe appreciating diversity and inclusiveness.

Speedy Knowledge
The field of management is fast moving – those organizations will succeed that know the latest developments fastest.

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