• October 2022

Letter of the President

Dear EURAM members, friends and colleagues,

First of all, I would like to thank Kathrin Moeslein as she was able to successfully lead our society during the recent pandemic crisis. Despite several potential threats, she was able to keep our society on track, for example by moving quickly and effectively our conference from a face-to-face to a virtual one. As this was impossible to do without the collective effort of several people, I want to thank also all EURAM members and officers who supported Kathrin in addressing these issues: i.e., the members of the executive committee, the SIG leaders, the track chairs, the country representatives, the conference organisers, all EURAM members who actively participated to the life of our society (e.g., by submitting and reviewing papers, chairing and attending conference sessions) and the officers. I am grateful to all of you for what you have done to preserve and to develop our society during the recent pandemic crisis.

As a loyal and engaged member of EURAM, I am very happy to serve our society as its President for the next three years. It is a privilege and an honor to work with you all to design its future. In the past, I played several roles within EURAM. Initially, I was the corporate governance track co-chair for several years, and later the corporate governance SIG chair and the national representative for Italy. After I have been appointed as EURAM President, I started to invest my time to improve my knowledge of the society, e.g., reading website and documents, meeting vice presidents and officers, and analysing data on several aspects. It was an interesting and rewarding investment, that allowed me to learn a lot about EURAM current and future challenges. EURAM is a relatively young organisation – we have been founded in 2001 – that has a bright future and several opportunities. After the difficult period of the pandemic crisis, we can relaunch our society building on the great success of the last conference, that was superbly organised by the ZHAW School of Management in Winterthur, and on the energies and skills of our 1,500 standing members, coming from several European and not European countries.

The next conference hosted by Trinity College in Dublin will be a great event for all current and new EURAM members. Our SIGs and tracks chairs are already engaged to promote interactive and interesting sessions. We have just launched the first call for papers, and now we are looking forward to receive a large number of submissions. As you can see in the conference website, the conference will include 13 SIGs plus the general conference:


The large number of tracks (113) and symposia (38) accepted have exceeded our expectations and suggest that the next conference will be crowded and successful! It will be another great opportunity to meet, present, discuss, learn and share some time together. I am looking forward to meeting all of you in Dublin, 14-16 June 2023!

After the publication of the call for papers for the 2023 EURAM conference, we are close to launch the next doctoral colloquium. This event will be held just before the conference, i.e., 12-13 June 2023. However, we have already published the 14th EURAM Early Career Colloquium (EECC), that will be held 13-15 March 2023 with the support of the Gdansk University of Technology. More information is available at the following link:


I sincerely hope these two events will help PhD students and untenured colleagues to strengthen their research skills and professional network, so to support the attainment of their professional goals.

In September, I had my first meeting with both the executive committee and the board of directors of EURAM. Both meetings were very highly productive and interesting, and I am very happy and honored to work with such expert and passionate colleagues. Like any other academic society, EURAM has some challenges to address in the coming years, e.g., how to design and organise conferences (i.e., virtual, in person or hybrid), how to strengthen research and communication skills of PhD students and untenured scholars, how to positively impact policy makers and practitioners, how to reduce its footprint. I am confident that the EURAM leadership team will be able to address all these challenges and develop a bright future for our society.

I am looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Alessandro Zattoni

EURAM President

EURAM 2023 Annual Conference


14-16 June 2023

Deadline for Paper Submission 10 January 2023 – 2 pm Belgian time

Conference Website

Call for Papers

EURAM 2022 Doctoral Colloquium

12-13 June 2023

Deadline for Submission to Doctoral Colloquium 17 January 2023 

Call for Applications 

EURAM Early Career Colloquium

European Management Review

We are pleased and proud to announce that the EMR new Aims & Scope and new Editorial Structure are now published on the journal home page:



The spirit of the pursued renewal,  described also in our Editorial, has been oriented at combining global outreach and community commitment, highly established and emerging scholars and subjects, international relevance and European legacy, and to raising quality especially and distinctively through a strong linkage between management and the social sciences: in the words of colleagues accepting to join in Editorial roles “an elegant intellectual enterprise across the world with European roots” (new joining Editor), “it sounds like you’ll be doing something unique and interesting here” (new joining Editorial Board member, USA).


Looking forward to your contributions!!

Anna Grandori & Michael Morley, Editors in Chief

Call for Papers – Special Issue of the European Management Review

Re-imagining the Workplace of the Future

The system will open for submissions to the Special Issue on October 30th, 2022 and close on December 9th, 2022

Guest Editors

Andri Georgiadou – Associate Professor and the Director of the Equality Inclusion and Diversity Center, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham, UK. Email: andri.georgiadou@nottingham.ac.uk 

Dorothea Roumpi – Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, School of Labor and Employment Relations, Pennsylvania State University, USA. Email: dzr352@psu.edu 

Solon Magrizos – Associate Professor in Marketing, University of Birmingham, UK. Email: s.magrizos@bham.ac.uk

Anthony McDonnell – Full Professor of Human Resource Management, Deputy Dean and Head of Department of Management & Marketing, Cork University Business School, University College Cork, Ireland. Email: Anthony.mcdonnell@ucc.ie 

Read more: https://euram.academy/euram?service=info&p=hq_EMR_SpecialIssue_2

EURAM Grants

The submission deadline is 8 March 2023 at 14:00 pm Belgian time.

EURAM Awards

Best Book Award

The submission deadline is 27 January 2023.

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Governance – Strategic Interest Groups

Ongoing online Conference activities

Dual Membership



[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

The British Academy of Management have awarded their most senior medal to former EURAM President Peter McKiernan. The Cooper medal is named after their co-founder, Professor Sir Cary Cooper and it is awarded for outstanding leadership and contribution to the development of the Academy and the broader domain by a member. Peter’s leadership of the academic community as a researcher, Head of Department, Dean of the BAM Fellows College, and as co-founder of the social movement for Responsible Research in Business and Management were acknowledged formally by BAM. The medal was presented to Peter by the current BAM President, Professor Nic Beech, Vice Chancellor of Middlesex University, England, at the Academy’s 2022 annual conference in Manchester.

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

RRBM Dare to Care Dissertation Scholarship

The RRBM community is pleased to announce the 2022-23 RRBM Dare to Care Dissertation Scholarship. Scholarships of up to $10,000 each will be awarded to doctoral students in business schools who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to responsible research that matters to society in their doctoral dissertation research.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to register for an upcoming information session focused on preparing a successful scholarship proposal.

Applications will be accepted November 1 – 30, 2022. Award decisions will be announced March 1, 2023.

The eligible applicant is a doctoral candidate at the beginning stage of the dissertation research; is studying in a business school in any of the disciplines as long as the research falls within the described domain; and demonstrates a commitment to the RRBM Principles of Responsible Research.

Eligible research topics will generate knowledge or ideas to reduce inequality or promote social justice, especially focusing on the role of business organizations. Research that contributes to meeting one or more of the social or economic dimensions of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are of special interest to this dissertation scholarship program.

For additional information or to register to receive future communications about the scholarship, please visit www.rrbm.network/daretocare. Inquiries may be directed to scholarship@rrbm.network.

Books, Journals & Publications

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]


Chanlat Jean-François, Management, sciences sociales et sociétés: plaidoyer pour une anthropologie élargie, St-Foy, Les Presses de l’Université Laval, Paris, Hermann, 2022.

Chapter of books:

Chanlat Jean-François (2022), « La diversité dans les milieux de travail: un regard socioanthropologique comparé », in Lechaume, A et Fleury, Charles, (dir), Les diversités en emploi, Ste-Foy, Les Presses de l’université Laval.

Chanlat J-F et Grellier-Bidalun, H (2022), « Postface: Travail, organisation, gestion et sociétés: retour sur quelques questions centrales touchant l’action collective », In Pratiques de travail et dynamiques organisationnelles, Hussenot, A, Lanciano, E, Lorino, P, Samburgo, J (dir), Ste-Foy, Les Presses de l’université Laval, Paris, Hermann.

Hacène Laïchour, J-F Chanlat et J-M Peretti,(2022) «L’engagement pour l’inclusion de personnes issues de territoires en difficulté: le cas de deux PME de Seine-Saint Denis », chapitre 9, in Entreprendre l’Inclusion sur un Territoire. Toward inclusive territories through entrepreneurial dynamics, M Brasseur, A Bartoli, D Chabaud, P Grouiez et G Rouet (dir), ISTE, Wiley.

Journal article:

Chanlat, Jean-François (2022), Rethinking Organizations and Society from an Ethical Perspective, Organizaçoes e Sociedade, 29, 100, p. 123-150.

Review of books:

Chanlat Jean-François, “Langage, langues, traduction et gestion : défense d’un multilinguisme raisonné”. À propos de Understanding Multilingual Workplaces. Methodological, Empirical and Pedagogic Perspectives de Sierk Horn, Philippe Lecomte & Susanne Tietze [eds] et de Language, Translation and Management Knowledge. A Research Overview deSusanne Tietze, Le Libellio d’Aegis, Volume 18, no 1, Printemps, p.29-52.

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Special Issue associated with

Call for papers

Stakeholder Engagement: (Re)thinking Value Creation Processes in the Networks

Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility

Guest Editors

  • Mario Tani, PhD – Department of Economics, Management, Institution – University of Naples Federico II, Italy – mario.tani@unina.it
  • Aidan O’ Driscoll, PhD – School of Marketing – College of Business – Technological University Dublin, Ireland – aidan.odriscoll@tudublin.ie
  • Sergey A. Yablonsky, PhD – Information Technologies in Management Department – Graduate School of Management – St. Petersburg University, Russia – yablonsky@gsom.pu.ru
  • Lucia Michela Daniele, PhD – Department of Economics – Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Italy – daniele@unicampania.it


[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

We are pleased to announce the publication of our collective book “Sustainability Accounting, Management Control and Reporting: A European Perspective”. This volume was produced as part of the series initiated by the SIG “Business for Society” with the publisher Routledge. You will find contributions from many colleagues on the issues of non-financial reporting, sustainable accounting and control.

“Sustainability Accounting, Management Control and Reporting: A European Perspective” traces a picture of innovative performance measurement tools and approaches to drive organizations to implement their shared value and sustainability strategy, considering different perspectives around accounting, managerial control and reporting. Aimed at researchers, academics, managers, business leaders and advanced students, the book will be especially valuable to those in the fields of corporate social responsibility, strategic management, and accounting.

Pierre Baret, Lucrezia Songini and Anna Pistoni



[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

German Journal of Human Resource Management

Special Issue call for papers

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through a Common-Good HRM: Context, approach and practice

Guest Editors:

Ina Aust, Université Catholique de Louvain LSM, Belgium.

Fang Lee Cooke, Monash University, Australia.

Michael Muller-Camen, WU-Vienna, Austria.

Geoffrey Wood, Western University, Canada.

Submission deadline (full papers): November 30th, 2022

Expected date of publication: 2023



[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Call for papers: Media and disability

Guest editors: Neta Alexander, Colgate University of New York; David Friedrich, University of Western Australia; Mara Mills, New York University; Domenico Napolitano, Scuola Superiore Meridionale of Naples.

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 January 2023

Deadline for full paper submission: 30 June 2023


[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Call for papers puntOorg International Journal

Wellness in crisis: Theorizing wellbeing in unsettled times

Guest editors: Enrico Cori – Polytechnic University of Marche; Gazi Islam – Grenoble École de Management; Daria Sarti – University of Florence; Teresina Torre – University of Genoa; Beliz Ulgen – Istanbul Commerce University

Deadline for full paper submission: 31 January 2023


[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Call for papers: puntOorg International Journal

The poetics of organizing

Guest editors: Ilaria Boncori – University of Essex, UK; Monika Kostera – University of Warsaw, Poland; Jenny Helin – Uppsala University, Sweden; Achilleas Karayiannis – Aston University, UK; Emmanouela Mandalaki – NEOMA Business School, France; Noortje van Amsterdam – Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Deadline for full paper submission: 23rd February 2023


[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Special Issue associated with

Call for papers

Stakeholder Engagement: (Re)thinking Value Creation Processes in the Networks

Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility

Guest Editors

  • Mario Tani, PhD – Department of Economics, Management, Institution – University of Naples Federico II, Italy – mario.tani@unina.it
  • Aidan O’ Driscoll, PhD – School of Marketing – College of Business – Technological University Dublin, Ireland – aidan.odriscoll@tudublin.ie
  • Sergey A. Yablonsky, PhD – Information Technologies in Management Department – Graduate School of Management – St. Petersburg University, Russia – yablonsky@gsom.pu.ru
  • Lucia Michela Daniele, PhD – Department of Economics – Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Italy – daniele@unicampania.it


[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

Video Video explaining the relevance off strategic decision-making skills for technology- startups, combining theoretical explanations with interviews with real technology- entrepreneurs

I personally was always fascinated by the success, but also by the lack of success of small startups, especially in the technology sector. As I am pretty well on my way to implement a study on the relevance of innovative entrepreneurial capacities for these technology startups, I encountered two recent studies: Cantamessa et al., 2018, and Ghosh, 2020.

Both studies highlighted, that especially the lack of success could be attributed to not possessing the right business skills to design, and especially redesign innovative business models. As I developed a assessment system, based on the Effectuation framework and Design Thinking skills, I produced a movie. The key target of this movie is to support team members in the technology startups, to gain insights into underlying scientific understandings of these two frameworks. But especially, to conduct an entrepreneurial strength-and weaknesses analysis, develop developmental goals to increase an entrepreneurial effectiveness.

For all those of you, interested in the training, development or even enhancements of entrepreneurial capacities in designing and implementing innovative business models, here’s a link to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyYsIMDBcDA&t

Feel free to share this link, under all those who might be interested. This could be business coaches/ incubators, researchers/scholars in the field of inoperative entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs, like small technology startups.

Rainer Hensel, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

[SIG 04 – FABR – Family Business Research]

The Palgrave Handbook of Managing Family Business Groups

Family business groups are ubiquitous, influential, and play a major role in national economies. While much of the current research around this topic has so far focused on emerging economies, more knowledge is needed on family business groups in developed economies; specifically, how they innovate, strategize, govern, and grow. Offering a comprehensive and global perspective on family business groups, this Handbook comprises international contributions from leading experts. Split into five sections, it covers strategy and business

transformation; innovation strategies; management and governance; and new avenues for research on FBGs including the issues of sustainability and cultural

alignment. An important resource for students and researchers of family business, strategy and management, this Handbook signals the emergence of the family business group phenomenon and solidifies research in this evolving area of study.

[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Public Innovation and Digital Transformation

Edited By Hannele Väyrynen, Nina Helander, Harri Jalonen

1st Edition

Copyright Year 2023

Book will be published in 8th of August. Brochure of the book.


[SIG 07 – IM – International Management]

A new book for undergraduate and graduate courses about entrepreneurship in South America has been published.

Entrepreneurship in South America: Context, Diversity, Constraints, Opportunities and Prospects reveals a variety of issues facing entrepreneurs, SMEs, and entrepreneurship development across South America. The authors recognize that when it comes to entrepreneurship, not one size fits all. Therefore, this book has been designed to help business students understand the context of the enterprise. It highlights how countries differ in their scope of entrepreneurship, and how entrepreneurs are impacted by these differences. Each chapter is dedicated to a respective country and describes the status quo, challenges and prospects for entrepreneurship there. Specifically, the book helps students understand the nature of entrepreneurship in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Edited by Léo-Paul Dana, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada; Christian Keen,  Faculté des sciences de l’administration, Université Laval, Canada;  Veland Ramadani, South East European University, North Macedonia

Information to be found at: https://link.springer.com/book/9783030970598

[SIG 07 – IM – International Management]

The Editorial Board of Vezetéstudomány – Budapest Managament Review is delighted to announce that the journal is now listed in the Academic Journal with one star.

The Academic Journal Guide is curated by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS). As noted on its publisher’s page, the purpose of AJG is to assist researchers to make informed judgements about the outlets they may wish to publish in. It provides details on a wide range of journals, stretching across fields that are either central or salient to business and management studies; in other words, it aims to encompass a broad set of journals in which business and management academics may seek to publish their research. The AJG’s ratings are based upon peer review, editorial and expert judgements following the evaluation of many hundreds of publications and is informed by statistical information relating to citation.

The AJG is distinctive in that, unlike other journal ratings, it is not based purely on a weighted average of journal metrics. Rather, the AJG is informed by metrics. The ratings of journals reflect the outcomes of consultations carried out by the subject experts of the Scientific Committee with expert peers and scholarly associations as to the relative standing of journals in each subject area.

Vezetéstudomány – Budapest Management Review is committed by keeping the high editorial standards of international publishing practice. Articles published in this journal are widely read and quoted by the Hungarian management academic community and beyond. There are scholars of various management fields among its readers, authors, reviewers, and editors. If you wish to publish your original research in this journal in English or in Hungarian, please, visit our site and prepare your manuscript in accordance with author guidelines.


[SIG 07 – IM – International Management]

Luciara Nardon has just published an OPEN ACCESS book on immigrant work integration.

The link to the book is here:


[SIG 09 – OB – Organizational Behaviour]

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for a special issue of the International Journal of Business Communication on the topic of positive organizational communication scholarship.


[SIG 11 – PM&NPM – Public and Non-Profit Management]

Management in the Health Sector

A Response to the Staff Shortage in the Healthcare Sector

By PhDr. Dirk S. Kircher, M.Sc., B.A. Last updated Jul 20, 2022

Figures show that the health sector is facing a dramatic shortage of care in the coming years and decades, which endangers the well-being of people. In order to recruit new staff and retain existing staff, improvements in working conditions are necessary, especially in nursing.


Article URL:


[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

Call for paper: Special Issue in Advances in research methodologies for logistics and supply chain management.

Journal: International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

Guest editor(s): Ivan Russo, Ilenia Confente, Jan Holmström, Mikael Öhman, Travis Tokar

Please see all the information at the following link:


[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

New publications by Dieter Bögenhold:

Bögenhold, D. (2022). Neglected Links in Economics and Society. Inequality, Organization, Work and Economic Methodology, London: Palgrave Macmillan Publishers (Paperback version, 2nd edition).

Bögenhold, D. (2022)(ed.). History of Economic Thought, Section Editor in D.McCallum (ed)(2022). The Palgrave Handbook of History of Human Sciences, London: Palgrave Macmillan Publishers,  pp. 1451-1610.

Bögenhold, D. (2022)(ed,). Atlantic Economic Journal, Special Issue on Economics in the Social Sciences: Emergence and Co-Existence of Different Discourses and Methods, Vol. 50(1), pp. 331-402.

Naz. F., & Bögenhold, D. (2021). Unheard Voices. Women, Work and Political Economy of Global Production, Cham: Springer (Paperback version, 2nd edition).

Recent Appointments

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

Dr. Matteo Cristofaro, Assistant Professor in Management at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, has been elected for the Chairship of the Management History Division of the Academy of Management for 2023-2027.

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

Aaron Duncan has been appointed director of the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business Digital Leadership Program.  This program is designed to help students apply emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing that will continue to drive the growth of companies. In this program, students will develop ethical decision-making tools that emphasize the value of data and analytics. Most importantly, they will learn to integrate evolving technologies and analytics and develop the leadership skills needed to digitally transform your organization and position it for future success.

Research Networks and Centres

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

We are happy to announce the kick off meeting of the European research project INCA (INcrease Corporate political responsibility and Accountability).

The project, which is coordinated by prof. Edoardo Mollona of the University of Bologna, investigates the impact that the so-called digital platforms have on European democracies and institutions.

Funded by the European Commission under the framework Horizon Europe, INCA grounds on a consortium that includes the University of Barcelona, COLABOR (Associação Laboratório Colaborativo para o Trabalho, Emprego e Proteção Social), the University of Wroclaw, the University of Tartu, the Alexander Von Humboldt-Institut fur Internet und Gesellschaft, the University of Tilburg and SUPSI (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana.

[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

Supplementary multilevel analysis studying capacities in developing entrepreneurial strategic decision-making skills


[SIG 05 – GRDO – Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations]

We are very pleased to announce the creation of “Centre for Research and Co-creation in Innovation and Sustainable Indigenous Business” at Faculté des sciences de l’administration, Université Laval, Canada.

The long-term well-being of Indigenous communities depends on economic self-sufficiency, innovation, and business development grounded in traditional knowledge and Indigenous worldviews and values. However, the advancement of innovation and sustainable development in Indigenous communities has been limited by Western practices and largely ignored in the mainstream business research discipline. Innovation, entrepreneurship, digital and sustainable transformation, and the development of diverse business skills offer a clear path to economic development and independence for Indigenous communities, and the betterment of society as a whole.

Rising to face this critical challenge, the Centre’s primary objective is to provide a space to facilitate co-creation and respectful collaborations between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples to foster the economic and social development of Indigenous communities.

Two guiding principles:

Respect for traditional Indigenous knowledge its appropriate integration with Western approaches to innovation and business.

Collaboration with Indigenous communities to learn from and with them.

Christian Keen



We are happy to announce the kick off meeting of the European research project INCA (INcrease Corporate political responsibility and Accountability).

The project, which is coordinated by prof. Edoardo Mollona of the University of Bologna, investigates the impact that the so-called digital platforms have on European democracies and institutions.

Funded by the European Commission under the framework Horizon Europe, INCA grounds on a consortium that includes the University of Barcelona, COLABOR (Associação Laboratório Colaborativo para o Trabalho, Emprego e Proteção Social), the University of Wroclaw, the University of Tartu, the Alexander Von Humboldt-Institut fur Internet und Gesellschaft, the University of Tilburg and SUPSI (Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana.

Scholarship and Doctoral Theses



[SIG 05 – GRDO – Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations]

After successfully applying for a grant in 2021, MSc. Jodie Padilla and PhD. Carmen Padilla from Ecuador were able to develop the hybrid training “Equitable Leadership Program”, which, beyond empowering underrepresented groups, certifies them as promoters of equity and inclusion by a local university. Through the people trained, the ELP aims to foster competitiveness of the private, public and civil society sectors through professionals who have learned the technical and soft skills needed for the workplace of the next 10 years.

The ELP benefited 50 women in a state of vulnerability who neither work nor study. With the support of the US Embassy in Ecuador and other allies, the fellows graduated at the City Hall with the presence of the Vice Mayor of Guayaquil, the General Counsel in Guayaquil, among other personalities.


Instagram Líderes Hub: https://www.instagram.com/lidereshub/

Líderes Hub website: https://www.lidereshub.com/en

Media coverage:




[SIG 12 – RM&RP – Research Methods and Research Practice]

Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) is a new, emerging methodology dedicated to identifying necessary conditions in data sets. A necessary condition is a critical factor of an outcome: if the condition is not in place the outcome will not occur.

In evolving an emerging methodology, we wish to spread the word and use of NCA. As such, the NCA Development Team is proud to announce the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) made available via Coursera, offered by the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

This beginner’s course includes videos and reading materials and is organized in 5 topics: Introduction to NCA, Setting up an NCA study, Data analysis with NCA, Reporting the results of NCA, and Advanced topics of NCA.

Enjoy the course!



More information about NCA:


Workshops & Conferences

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Track T01_10 EURAM (2023): ´Transition towards Circular Economy Business Models supported by innovation and Industry 4.0´


[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

The 1st Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal – SBEJ Conference for Young Researchers will be held on Tuesday 22nd November 2022 at 1pm-3pm (London time).

AIM: An opportunity to discover interesting new research, and SBEJ editors’ feedback thereupon. The goals are to engage with the community of entrepreneurship scholars; discuss emerging topics, issues and priorities; share tacit knowledge; and give feedback to young researchers in the spirit of a paper development workshop (but this is not a job market networking event). Topics should be broadly aligned with the main research areas of ‘Small Business Economics’: Entrepreneurship and the economics of small business; new venture creation; self-employment; family firms; small and medium-sized enterprises; innovative startups; entrepreneurial finance; and so on.


  • Attendance is open to presenters and non-presenters
  • Presenters must be Early Career Researchers: PhD students, post-docs, or junior faculty
  • Presenters get ~ 12 minutes each: 10 mins to present, 2 mins Q&A/discussion (mainly Q, no A)
  • SBEJ editors give feedback via mic or chat, non-presenters give feedback via chat (& perhaps mic)
  • The Zoom chat window log file will be distributed afterwards
  • The event is expected to last for 2 hours, with a minimum 3-5 SBEJ editors attending at any time


  • Send an extended abstract (Times New Roman 11-point or similar, strict limit of maximum 3 pages PDF all included; 1 submission per person) to sbej.yrc@gmail.com by Sunday 16th October
  • Decisions communicated to authors by Sunday 30th October
  • Submitted abstracts may be rejected without a detailed justification
  • We expect about 6-9 paper presentations
  • Abstracts should ideally already include some results, and connect well to SBEJ topics
  • We are not interested in submissions already at the R&R stage at any journal (including SBEJ)
  • Presenters must give live presentations (not pre-recorded videos) and ideally attend the whole event
  • There is no guarantee that presented papers will receive a favourable response from SBEJ if submitted to SBEJ, even if the comments raised by SBEJ editors are addressed



[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

Since the start of the pandemic, I was able to attend the annual Scottish Entrepreneurship Research Seminar (SERS) for the first time on 6th September. Thanks to the organizers of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the Neurodiversity and Entrepreneurship Association (NEA) and the University of Strathclyde Strategic Themes, this was an amazingly unique and rewarding experience.  Quite fittingly, the Seminar  focused on Entrepreneurial Diversity as a Force for Good  which included two core themes: Neurodiversity as Inclusion in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship as a Bridge to Building Capabilities in Diverse contexts.

These themes found resonance in the recent work of work of Professor Nigel Lockett, Head of Department at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship (2019-2021) and aim to aptly reflect his contributions to academia and practice in highlighting Entrepreneurial Diversity as a catalyst of practice and growth in diverse contexts.  Beverly Best, Strathclyde University

The day’s event included sessions which highlighted the latest theoretical and practice-orientated perspectives of Entrepreneurial Diversity, as well as a ‘horizons’ session, which focused on new research ideas and perspectives presented by PhD researchers.  The practice-oriented sessions were though-provoking and inspiring as they showcased exemplary enterprises in the area of Neurodiversity and Entrepreneurship and served to engender stronger networking and the development of future collaborations between academics and practitioners.

News from Partner Organisations

IFSAM Awards

IFSAM Board of Directors inform the deadline to Nominations*, including self-nominations, about the call for the two 2022 IFSAM awards in excellence on 1) societally relevant management research and 2) indigenous management scholarship was extended.

Nominations should be submitted by filling the form at the following link: https://www.ifsam.org/ifsam-2022-awards/ by November 1, 2022, at midnight (CET).

*To avoid conflicts of interest, AC and GA members are not eligible.

IFSAM Congress

IFSAM is delighted to announce that IFSAM 2022 Congress was held virtually in collaboration with ANPAD as a pre-conference activity of ENANPAD22 between 7th and 9th September 2022. Theme: Opportunities and Challenges in a Changing Business & Management Higher Education Landscape

The opening session introduced the programme and purpose of the congress and also contained a celebration of the 30 years’ anniversary of the first IFSAM congress in Tokyo in 1992 in cooperation with founding member the Japan Academy of Business Administration (JABA).

Speakers: Martin Spring (IFSAM VP conferences), Xavier Castañer (IFSAM president) and Sandro Castaldo (IFSAM president elect).

For this we have prepared a booklet of memories from several participants and organizers, which was presented by some of them during the inaugural session of the 2022 online congress, Sept 7.

Videos of the opening session, round tables and award winner sessions are available at IFSAM YouTube channel and on 2022 Congress website.


[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

Call for expressions of interest for a two-year research grant in Management to conduct research at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova.

Successful candidates must hold a doctoral degree in Management studies. Candidates with a record of externally funded research (e.g., EU funding programs) are strongly preferred. We are particularly interested in candidates who can work collaboratively with faculty members to enhance our research programs, especially in the areas of the management of sustainability, sustainable innovation, and sustainable business models.

Expressions of interest will be accepted until October 31st, 2022. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a seminar in Padova. The selected candidate is expected to start his/her activity in the first quarter of 2023.

More details here: https://www.economia.unipd.it/en/call-expressions-interest-two-year-research-grant-management

Newsletter prepared by

Luisa Jaffé – EURAM Executive Officer

Eleonora Piacenza – EURAM Website Manager