• December 2022

Letter of the President

Dear EURAM members, friends and colleagues,

We are approaching the end of an intense year. It is finally time to rest and take a break to recharge energies and to spend some time with our loved ones.

At the same time, we need to remember that some important deadlines are rapidly approaching.

The next Annual Conference will be held in Dublin (15-17 June 2023) and will be organized by the Trinity College. The deadline to submit your paper to the 2023 EURAM Annual Conference is the 10th of January. As every year, the Annual Conference represents the physical meeting place where all EURAM members can both present and discuss their scientific research outputs and organize formal and informal meetings with friends and colleagues. As the number of tracks and symposia proposed for the Conference was very high, there are positive expectations that the Conference will be a great success.

The deadline for PhDs applying for the Doctoral Colloquium is the 17th of January. As usual, the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium will be organized just before the Annual Conference, the 13-14th of June. This event represents a great opportunity for junior colleagues to meet their peers from various countries, and to develop skills and competencies to boost your future professional career.

Other important submission deadlines for all EURAM members are:

  • 7th edition of the Best Book of the Year: the 27th of January 2023;
  • 5th edition of the EURAM Grants Scheme: 9th of March 2023;
  • 5th edition of the EURAM Edith Penrose Award for trail-blazing scholars sponsored by INSEAD: the 10th of April 2023.

The year 2023 is a special one for EURAM as our journal – European Management Review (EMR) – will celebrate its 20th anniversary. I remind you to support the two editors in chief (Anna Grandori and Michael Morley) and the entire editorial team by reviewing, submitting, reading, and citing the journal.

I hope to meet you all next year at the EURAM Annual Conference and Doctoral Colloquium that will be held in Dublin in June 2023.

In the meantime, let me wish you a happy holiday season and a fantastic new year!

Alessandro Zattoni

EURAM President

EURAM 2023 Annual Conference


14-16 June 2023

Deadline for Paper Submission 10 January 2023 – 2 pm Belgian time

Conference Website

Call for Papers

EURAM 2022 Doctoral Colloquium

12-13 June 2023

Deadline for Submission to Doctoral Colloquium 17 January 2023 

Call for Applications 

EURAM Early Career Colloquium

European Management Review

We are pleased and proud to announce that the EMR new Aims & Scope and new Editorial Structure are now published on the journal home page:



The spirit of the pursued renewal,  described also in our Editorial, has been oriented at combining global outreach and community commitment, highly established and emerging scholars and subjects, international relevance and European legacy, and to raising quality especially and distinctively through a strong linkage between management and the social sciences: in the words of colleagues accepting to join in Editorial roles “an elegant intellectual enterprise across the world with European roots” (new joining Editor), “it sounds like you’ll be doing something unique and interesting here” (new joining Editorial Board member, USA).


Looking forward to your contributions!!

Anna Grandori & Michael Morley, Editors in Chief

Call for Papers – Special Issue of the European Management Review

Re-imagining the Workplace of the Future

The system will open for submissions to the Special Issue on October 30th, 2022 and deadline extension until 15 January 2023

Guest Editors

Andri Georgiadou – Associate Professor and the Director of the Equality Inclusion and Diversity Center, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham, UK. Email: andri.georgiadou@nottingham.ac.uk 

Dorothea Roumpi – Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, School of Labor and Employment Relations, Pennsylvania State University, USA. Email: dzr352@psu.edu 

Solon Magrizos – Associate Professor in Marketing, University of Birmingham, UK. Email: s.magrizos@bham.ac.uk

Anthony McDonnell – Full Professor of Human Resource Management, Deputy Dean and Head of Department of Management & Marketing, Cork University Business School, University College Cork, Ireland. Email: Anthony.mcdonnell@ucc.ie 

Read more:

EURAM Grants

The submission deadline is 8 March 2023 at 14:00 pm Belgian time.

EURAM Awards

Best Book Award

The submission deadline is 27 January 2023.

Edith Penrose Award or Trail-blazing Scholars sponsored by INSEAD

Edith Penrose Award

The submission deadline is 10 April 2023.

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[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Call for Nominations of Papers and Books:

2023 Responsible Research in Management Award

Submission Deadline:  January 31, 2023

Attention all researchers:  The Academy of Management invites nominations (or self-nominations) for the 2023 Responsible Research in Management Award (RRMA) by January 31, 2023.  The RRMA recognizes published research that yields credible results, guides practice, and benefits society.  Empirical research published since 2019 is eligible for the 2023 award.

Since its founding in 2018, this award has assembled a canon of “responsible research” – 13 books and 70 articles that are academically credible, societally useful, and have helped to make the world a better place.

Although there are incessant calls for research that is relevant to practice, RRMA is the only award for socially valuable research whose selection signals affirmation by practicing executives that the study’s findings are actionable.

View the Call for Nominations here: 2023 Responsible Research in Management Award

Celebrate management research that moves the world.


Books, Journals & Publications

[SIG 05 – GRDO – Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations]

Metz, I., Stamper, C. L., & Ng, E. (2022). Feeling included and excluded in organizations: The role of human and social capital. Journal of Business Research, 142, 122-137.


[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Valerie Merindol and David W Versailles (who co-head the newPIC chair at Paris School of Business) are glad to inform about the publication of the book “Open labs and innovation management, The dynamics of communities and ecosystems” in Routledge series in Innovation, Organizations and Technology (Jan 2023).

The book proposes 10 chapters to understand how open labs, innovation spaces, and collaborative spaces contribute to ecosystems. Contributors to the book are affiliated with the newPIC chair at PSB (France) and with MOSAIC research center at HEC Montréal (Canada).

The book draws on extensive field research (5 years, 40+ cases, 200+ interviews, direct observation) in France, Canada, and Spain. Chapters analyze how actual management of innovation impacts the dynamics of communities, how it shapes the co-evolution between open labs and their ecosystems, and how the management of the physical space impacts the mission of the lab and its role in the ecosystem.

The book is written for scholars in innovation studies and management science. It also informs teaching, public policy making, and professional practice. The book is available from Routledge and Amazon in paper and ebook formats.

More information from http://books.newpic.fr

The authors will organize a “lab” on the book at EURAM 2023 annual conference.

ISBN: 978-0-367-61278-8 (hbk)

ISBN: 978-0-367-64639-4 (pbk)

ISBN: 978-1-003-12558-7 (ebk)”

[SIG 09 – OB – Organizational Behaviour]

We published the book which is service management of medical organization. https://euram.academy/content/contributions/20221103-124048_5UzuW9c5.pdf

Recent Appointments

Research Networks and Centres

[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

We are delighted to announce the creation of the M&Ai – the European M&A Institute. This scientific collaboration network seeks to promote research on mergers and acquisitions and bridge academia and practice. eM&Ai regroups internationally renowned scholars from leading European institutions, who have conducted extensive research on a broad range of M&A relevant topics, spanning from pre-deal design to post-deal implementation, and also covering other related corporate development activities. The founding members of the eM&Ai are Duncan Angwin (Nottingham University), Florian Bauer (Lancaster University), Xavier Castañer (HEC Lausanne), Helene Loe Colman (BI Norwegian Business School), Nicola Mirc and Audrey Rouzies (Toulouse School of Management). eM&Ai’s primary objective is to form solid partnerships and relations with firms, consultants, journalists, academic institutions, and other stakeholders in the European M&A market. Please learn more about eM&Ai and feel free to join the vibrant European community of M&A researchers and practitioners https://www.european-ma-institute.org/.

Scholarship and Doctoral Theses

[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

A doctoral thesis entitle “Strategic management of human resources from the perspective of employees: contributions of well-being at work and the human resource management system” was recently presented by Sónia P. Gonçalves in Portugal.  The doctoral work presented in this thesis arose as a response to the challenges posed by research in Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) concerning the need to deepen the mechanisms associated with the relationship between Human Resource Management (HRM) in the form of resource management practices and individual and organizational outcomes. Well-being was shown to be a central mediator, and HR system’s strength and HRM practices’ implementation by line managers emerged as antecedent mediators in sequential mediation processes.



[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

New Master in Ethics at the University of Lucerne (Switzerland)

The University of Lucerne has decided to launch a new Master’s program in “Ethics” in the fall of 2023, which is new and unique in Switzerland. The new program is aimed at all Bachelor’s graduates from universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education of all disciplines. The ethics master’s program lasts 2 years and is conducted in German.

After a first part on fundamentals, students can choose from three specializations in a second part of the program, all three allow them to deepen their scientific knowledge and open up promising perspectives on the job market:

  1. Business, Finance and Corporate Ethics.
  2. Health Ethics
  3. Ethics of digital transformation.

Numerous topics of public discussion have an ethical dimension at their core. Ethical issues also play an increasingly important role in everyday professional life. Not only in healthcare and research, but also in companies, private and public institutions. Accordingly, the need for ethical orientation and for specific ethical expertise has grown in recent years. In order to meet this need, but also to address the concern to assume more ethical responsibility as individuals and as a society, we are now offering this Master’s program in “Ethics”, which is unique and innovative in Switzerland.

The new program is offered by the Institute of Social Ethics ISE in cooperation with all faculties of the University of Lucerne. Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschläger, head of the Institute of Social Ethics ISE, is the director of studies of the new master program “Ethics”.

Further information at: https://www.unilu.ch/master-ethics

[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Innovation in Teaching Methods

Bellevue University DBA Course Developer Dr. Julia Cronin-Gilmore and Course Designer Dr. Tracy Gies Develop an Innovate Teaching Method

Since over fifty percent of students are visual learners, an innovative approach was developed to replicate a published research study as a storytelling video. Students at Bellevue University completing qualitative research learned about one approach each of five weeks (narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnographic, and case study research), viewed the storytelling video, and as part of a discussion question described the strengths and limitations of the study. At the end of the course, students completed a survey using a 5-point Likert agreement scale reporting how the storytelling cases improved their knowledge, focus, recall, engagement, and using storytelling in a course. Initial results showed a positive correlation between the videos and student understanding and engagement.

Ethnography Video: http://content.bellevue.edu/cob/dba/810/ethno1/

Workshops & Conferences

[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to send you the call for papers for the XXXIIth AIMS conference, which will take place in Strasbourg from June 6th to 9th, 2023.

This year, the theme for the general conference is the following: Changes in strategic management in the face of ecological, digital, and geopolitical challenges.

We are also pleased to announce that you have the possibility to propose your communications to 12 ST-AIMS described in detail in the call for communications, which is downloadable by clicking on the link at the bottom of the e-mail.

We hope to see you all in Strasbourg,

The Strasbourg organization team,

The Board of AIMS.

Contact person: aims2023 – aims2023@strategie-aims.fr

Website: https://www.strategie-aims.com/

Program (pdf) https://www.strategie-aims.com/conferences/35-xxxiieme-conference-annuelle-de-laims/paper_calls/2001/download?lang=fr

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

Call for papers for EURAM 2023 Conference

T14_05 – (Ir)responsible transformational technologies and the Future of work: dilemmas and mitigations

Transformational’ technologies are reconfiguring practical, analytical and spatial dimensions of workplaces and the nature of work itself. The long-term impact of these innovations remains unclear, leaving managers/leaders struggling to understand how to capitalize on their potential benefits whilst also avoiding downsides. We invite submissions from multi-disciplinary practitioners and researchers interested in the practical and ethical implications of transformational technologies in organizations, with an emphasis on the dilemmas they present. This is to inform an agenda for future research and to augment existing guidelines and frameworks for the responsible, human-centered design and evaluation of these innovations in the context of work.

Keywords: Technology, Data, Transformation, Responsibility, Ethics, Future of work

Sub-track co-chairs: Aizhan Tursunbayeva, Parthenope University of Naples; Luigi Moschera, Parthenope University of Naples; Claudia Pagliari, University of Edinburgh; Vicenc Fernandez, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya·BarcelonaTech

The full text of the call is available here:


News from Partner Organisations

IFSAM Monthly Bulletin https://www.ifsam.org/ifsam-monthly-bulletins/


[SIG 05 – GRDO – Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations]

*Advancing Theory by Addressing the Gender Data Gap*

Call for papers, for Special Issue in European Management Journal.

This special issue focuses on the effects and possible solutions to gender disparities caused by the Gender Data Gap. Analyzing this data gap with its effects and possible solutions in detail will deepen our knowledge of gender-based discrepancies and their origins and implications. Please check out the call for papers for full details https://euram.academy/content/contributions/20221114-143030_US3KtYtZ.pdf

Newsletter prepared by

Luisa Jaffé – EURAM Executive Officer

Eleonora Piacenza – EURAM Website Manager