• March 2024

Letter of the President

Dear EURAM colleagues and friends,

I hope that the new year started well and that everything is fine with you and your families!

The 24th EURAM Annual Conference ‘Fostering innovation to address grand challenges’ – organised by the University of Bath – School of Management (25-28 June 2024) – attracted one of the highest number of submissions ever: 1993! The SIG and track chairs are coordinating the review process so to assure timely and developmental feedbacks. I invite every submitter to generously contribute to the review process as its success depends on reciprocity and mutual support. I thank SIG chairs, track chairs and all reviewers for what they did!

The Doctoral Colloquium (DC) attracted the largest number of applications ever: 125! After a careful process, the DC chairs selected 85 PhD students that will attend the EURAM Doctoral Colloquium held the 24-25th of June 2024. I thank the DC chairs and mentors and wish them a very successful DC!

I remind you that the EURAM conference will also host four interesting Labs – i.e., concerning ‘Collaborative Management Research to Address Grand Challenges’, ‘Managing in the Face of Regulatory and Environmental Challenges’, ‘AI and the Future of Work’, ‘The Role of Innovation Intermediaries and Grand Challenges’ –on the 25th of June. This is a nice opportunity to interact with expert colleagues around hot and interesting topics.

The conference program looks very rich and interesting. We will have two  keynotes: i.e., Nicolai Foss, Professor of Strategy at Copenhagen Business School, and Leanne Allen, Data Science & AI capability Lead at KPMG UK. The program includes also a panel event titled ‘The Future of Management Research: Updating the Agenda’ with three speakers: Andrew Crane, Professor at the University of Bath School of Management and Director of the Centre for Business, Organisations and Society ; Peter McKiernan, Professor at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and Dean of the EURAM College of Fellow; and Katy Mason (TBC), Professor of Markets, Marketing and Management at Lancaster University and President of the British Academy of Management.

Beyond the annual conference, EURAM is organizing several events that you may consider to attend.

  • Joanna Szulc and Ryan Armstrong will organize the 15th edition of the EURAM Early Career Community (EECC), that will be held the 11-13th of March at the University of Barcelona.
  • David Versailles will organize an event with practitioners at the Paris School of Business on “The new health challenges: patients’ experience, innovation targeted to patients, pluridisciplinarity,” the 26th of March.
  • Panos Desyllas will organize a webinar with Bart Vanneste on “Using machine learning in management research” the 22nd of April at 15.00 CEST.

As you can see, our Society is actively involved in updating and creating new services to its members. I thank the Board and the Executive Committee, the SIG and the country representatives, the staff and all EURAM members that generously commit time and competences to make it happen.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at the 24th EURAM Annual Conference in Bath.

All the best,

Alessandro Zattoni

EURAM President

EURAM Webinar

We are pleased to invite you to join a EURAM Webinar on 22 April 2024, from 15:00 to 16:00 CEST.

Using Machine Learning in Management

Speaker: Bart Vanneste, Associate Professor in the Strategy & Entrepreneurship group of the UCL School of Management

Description: The role of machine learning in management research is rapidly increasing. This webinar provides an overview of the different ways that machine learning is applied.

For more information, contact info@euram.academy.

EURAM 2024 Annual Conference

25-28 June 2024

Conference Website

Notification of Acceptance: 21 March 2024

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 18 April 2024

Authors and Panelists Registration Deadline: 25 April 2024


With EURAM 24 now less than five months away, we’re delighted to have received almost 2,000 paper submissions for the conference. We can’t wait to facilitate some excellent discussions and collaboration around how technology can be used to address the Grand Challenges facing society.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a paper – keep an eye on your inbox on Thursday 21 March, when we will be sending out acceptance letters.

Please do remember that you can now book your accommodation for the conference through the School of Management website. We have around 1,500 rooms available on-campus at the University of Bath, as well as a range of options in the city centre itself through our partner hotels.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsorship partner for the event, please get in touch.

EURAM 2024 Doctoral Colloquium

24-25 June 2024

Notification of Acceptance: 14 March 2024

Deadline for Registration: 18 April 2024

Congratulations to the 86 PhDs from 23 countries who were accepted to participate in the June programme!

EURAM Early Career Colloquium

European Management Review

Permanent Sections

Volume 20, Issue 4 is published. It is a Conceptual Development and Review Issue:


Methodology Corner


Special Issues of the European Management Review

  • Purpose-Driven Strategies, Deadline 31 March 2024. 
    Click here for additional information.
  • Digital Transformation and Organizational Value Creation, Deadline 31 March 2024. Click here for additional information.

EURAM Grants

EURAM Awards



[SIG 02 – COGO – Corporate Governance]

Books, Journals & Publications

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

In recent times, an increasing number of corporate controversies have tarnished the prestige and reputation of companies worldwide. Examples like Volkswagen’s dieselgate highlight the negative societal impact. These controversies, while affecting financial and human resources, are particularly relevant to environmental concerns. Moreover, greenwashing attempts to mask reprehensible actions under a false guise of sustainability, amplifying advertising efforts on seemingly eco-friendly issues. This special issue aims to foster high-level comparative studies on sustainability disclosures and corporate ESG financial controversies. Key inquiries include the influence of past controversies on organizational sustainability performance and the completion of their redemption arc. Submissions for the Special Issue are due by January 31, 2025, via the BRQ Business Research Quarterly online submission portal (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/brq).

For more information, visit: https://journals.sagepub.com/page/brq/call-for-papers

[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

Special Issue titled: Entrepreneurial decision-making and behavior under radical uncertainty: Boundaries and boundlessness of diving into the unknown in Strategic Change, that matches fairly well with the latest EMR Issue (Volume 20, Issue 4). Strategic Change typically works with (relatively short) articles that contain 3,000-5,000 words.

The Special Issue aims for contributions on uncertainty in entrepreneurship that goes beyond “moderate” uncertainty. When entrepreneurs are dealing with novel situations (e.g. completely novel strategies, nascent venturing, corporate venturing for radical innovation, adaptation to shocks (e.g. volatility from market shocks, war conditions, or a pandemic) uncertainties can be perceived extremely subjectively, such that entrepreneurs bear a lack of predictable, meaningful, qualitative information cues and/or quantitative information. Entrepreneurs may also experience an inability to predict the nature of the impact of radical changes, which is vital in entrepreneurship as certain events may entirely disrupt the status-quo (e.g. Black Swans). These uncertainties represent additional ignorance – a lack of information, knowledge, and/or awareness of response options about events and/or an inability to predict the likely consequences of a response choice that lack ex ante descriptions.

Although there has been growing recognition of the need for elaboration on novel decision making perspectives for highly uncertain problems that have focused on epistemological matters, unknown unknowns, Black Swans, crises and eristics, we need to understand better what radical uncertainty is, what it is not, and how it unfolds in entrepreneurship.

Call for Papers with a full description of the topic, possible research questions, and submission deadlines https://euram.academy/content/contributions/20240123-151522_74OZqGoX.pdf

[SIG 05 – GRDO – Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations]


Rethinking Gender Inequalities in Organizations

Penny Dick, Sheffield University Management School, UK

‘Rethinking Gender Inequalities in Organizations is an essential read for all scholars of management and organization studies – and it is a central text for those interested in gender and employment! This insightful and compelling book gets to the heart of problems associated with current thinking about gender inequalities. It takes a novel and critical perspective on traditional approaches and makes strong arguments for how we might rethink such ideas. A great opportunity to reflect on how and why gender inequalities happen.’

– Caroline Gatrell, University of Liverpool, UK

‘This book offers a compellingly provocative rethinking of gender inequalities in organizations. It unpacks taken for granted ideas about  the work and lives of women and men in all their diversity. Penny Dick urges us to think critically about the very notion of inequalities and interrogates the standards of what is valued in contemporary workplaces. It shows that what counts as work and who counts as a worker are not given, but instead are social and political constructs which devalue many contributions many women make.’

– Yvonne Benschop, Radboud University, the Netherlands

In this thoughtful book, Penny Dick challenges orthodox views of gender inequality. Combining post-structuralist thinking with process ontology, the author presents a novel conceptual approach to rethinking gender inequalities in organizations and management settings.

More details: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/gbp/rethinking-gender-inequalities-in-organizations-9781802207378.html



[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Routledge Handbook of Catalysts for a Sustainable Circular Economy is out and open access at the following link: https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/oa-edit/10.4324/9781003267492/routledge-handbook-catalysts-sustainable-circular-economy-hanna-lehtim%C3%A4ki-leena-aarikka-stenroos-pekka-jokinen-ari-jokinen?context=ubx&refId=4fe70650-5020-4114-b537-ddbfa8231018

[SIG 09 – OB – Organizational Behaviour]

A new book: Work, Employment and Flexibility: Innovation, Technology and the Changing World of Work edited by Peter Holland, Chris Brewster and Nadia K. Kougiannou will be published June 2024

This book examines the evolving landscape of work in the context of rapidly developing information and communication technology and Artificial Intelligence. It argues that while in the twentieth century there was a standardisation of work encapsulated in ‘employment’, the twenty-first century is seeing the creation of ever more flexible forms of work, epitomised by the ‘gig economy’.

Contributors map out the interplay between technology, flexibility and regulation and discuss how the dynamics of the workplace have shifted in light of a growing platform economy, examining issues around surveillance, work-life balance and role of trade unions and the broader challenges in terms of learning development, employability, and supply chains.

[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

Dr. Mythili Kolluru’s research article “Insights on Data Science for Strategy” was published Business Strategy E-Magazine.

Citation: Kolluru, M. (2024, February). Data Science for Strategy. Issue 44, pp 23-28. https://bizemag.com/3d-flip-book/feb-2024/


[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

The 2022 Assessment of the Romanian Management, 14th yearly research report, has been recently published under the auspices of the Romanian Academic Management Society (RAMS), in Prouniversitaria Publishing House (2023, ISBN – 978-606-26-1726). The authors of the book are university professors, Ovidiu Nicolescu, Ioan Popa, Ciprian Nicolescu and Cezar Petre Simion. The reasearch report is based on the 1279 representative sample of company managers, management professors, consultants and researchers and it analyses the Romanian management at four levels: national, public adminstration, company and managerial training consultancy.

The book is structured in three chapters: management evolution in Romania in 2022, using SWOT analysis; evolution of management in Romania during 2009-2022; priorities and strategical-tactical perspectives of the Romanian management in the European context strongly marked by crisis and digitalization.

Prof.Ph.D.Emeritus Ovidiu Nicolescu

President of Romanian Academic Management Society (RAMS-SAMRO)

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

Call for Papers: Special Issue on “Rising Tide of Operational Risks: Management Controls for Better Risk Management” in Journal of Management Control

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2024

More details on the CfP can be found here: https://link.springer.com/journal/187/updates/26037218


[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

Call for Papers to a special issue of management revue. Socio-Economic Studies on “Guiding distinctions of management and organisation theory”.

Deadline: September 2024. Link: https://wp.me/pvO07-1Ua

Call for Abstracts to a special issue of the International Sociological Association flagship journal Current Sociology (SAGE) on “Guiding distinctions of social theory”.

Deadline: June 2024. Link: https://wp.me/pvO07-1Vr

Recent Appointments

[SIG 05 – GRDO – Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations]

PhD Carmen Padilla-Lozano from ECOTEC´s University is part of the research team partner in Ecuador for the Mastercard Strive project call VIQTORIA. This new program will help Mastercard Strive through IMPAQTO to connect women-led small businesses in Ecuador with the right digital solutions to accelerate their growth.

Micro and small businesses play a crucial role in the Ecuadorian local economy, making up 94% of businesses and 25% of jobs. Due to high unemployment among Ecuadorian women, 86% start their own business, yet more than 40% do not have sustainable access to finance.

Through VIQTORIA, we aim to address these challenges by fostering a thriving innovation ecosystem that supports the growth of women-led businesses in the #digitaleconomy.


Research Networks and Centres

[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

We announce the establishment of the Research Center for Sustainable Circular Economy (CECE) at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). See the websites at https://sites.uef.fi/cece/

The multidisciplinary center promotes research on sustainable circular economy, trains circular economy experts and accelerates the social transformation of the sustainable circular economy in Finland and internationally

The center produces knowledge on the circular economy as an economic, social, and cultural transformation. Our projects explore circular economy solutions for plastics and microplastics, critical raw materials, sustainability change for businesses, cities and society, and social entrepreneurship.

We seek connections with multiple stakeholders to work with us in advancing sustainable circular economy. We would be happy to hear from you and explore opportunities for collaboration.​

Hanna Lehtimäki, Professor ​of Innovation Management, UEF CECE Director, hanna.lehtimaki@uef.fi

Scholarship and Doctoral Theses

[SIG 07 – IM – International Management]

Title of PhD Thesis:

Investment Strategies for Abnormal Returns: An Empirical Study in Indian Stock Market

Scholar: Jagirdar, Sharneet Singh

Supervisor: Gupta, Pradeep Kumar

Weblink: http://hdl.handle.net/10266/6672

This groundbreaking research provides an exhaustive exploration of Stock Market intricacies with a century-long view of seminal works. Through a sophisticated integration of fundamental and technical analyses, the study introduces a novel stock classification system. The revelation challenges assumptions, demonstrating that both value and contrarian strategies distinctly identify optimal stocks, showcasing compatibility within similar market efficiency forms. An in-depth analysis of investment methodologies by luminaries like Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, Robert Grantham, and Joseph Piotroski contributes unparalleled insights, proposing nuanced, industry-specific strategies for superior abnormal returns, and setting a new standard in financial scholarship and practice.



[SIG 05 – GRDO – Gender, Race, and Diversity in Organisations]

Managing Diversity in Business

Sage Business Cases

Sage Publications offers an entire digital case collection on a subscription model basis to university libraries. Business cases are digital content used in classrooms to supplement student learning for business and management degrees.

Managing Diversity in Business

We’re building a digital case series showcasing examples of how diversity is managed in the workplace. Drawing on topics like organizational behavior, human resource management topics, cognitive diversity theory, Dietx and Peterson (2006) views on diversity management etc.,

We also welcome any other case ideas that fall under the DEIB/Diversity umbrella.

Here is the series webpage: https://sk.sagepub.com/cases/series/managing-diversity


Workshops & Conferences

[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you information about the 10th “Enterying” workshop to be held in Pavia on 30-31 May 2024. The workshop, organized by the University of Bergamo, University of Pavia and the University of Napoli Federico II, is designed to offer young researchers the opportunity to present their work on issues related to entrepreneurship, innovation, internationalization and family businesses.

Mats Alvesson (Lund University), Arabella Mocciaro Li Destri (Università di Palermo), Dinora Eliete Floriani (Universidade do Va le do ltajaf), and Diego Matricano (Università Vanvitelli) will participate in the workshop as keynote speakers and will provide feedback regarding the presented papers.

Please tell about this event to anyone you think might benefit from it.

More details in the dedicated website where you can find the call for paper: https://www.fuorirottaeventi.com/10th-enteryng-workshop-entre

[SIG 07 – IM – International Management]

Conference “Doing Business in Africa – Business Meets Science”

The Research Group Doing Business in Africa at ESB Business School, Reutlingen University is thrilled to invite you to an exciting and inspiring conference on “Doing Business in Africa – Business meets Science” on 22 April 2024 at the Chamber of Commerce in Reutlingen, Germany.

Join this unique conference type where academics and practitioners discuss “hot topics” on operations and business in Africa. It will provide first-hand insights and plenty of space to exchange ideas, concepts and experiences. It is an invaluable opportunity for managers and academics to collaborate, network and discuss with the aim of making business in Africa a success.

It promises to be an exciting event with a high-level keynote and six interesting, interactive tracks with academic research and practical experience inputs for discussion!

We eagerly look forward to welcoming you in person (onsite) to this exciting event in Reutlingen for interesting side discussions and networking. The conference language will be English.

Please click here to register: https://veranstaltungen.ihkrt.de/business_africa

For further information, please feel free to e-mail to: dba@reutlingen-university.de

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

In 2023, Dr. Mauricio Latapí organized Mount Royal University’s (MRU – Canada) first-ever Sustainability Forum. The event was designed to serve as a platform for knowledge dissemination, discussion, and student engagement revolving around Sustainability. To do so, the Forum gathered a series of speakers from the Academic community as well as external experts to provide talks on the topic from different perspectives. As a result, this was the University’s first event to focus entirely on the concept of sustainability. In total, 185 people attended the Forum.

The planning for the second edition has already begun and MRU’s 2024 Sustainability Forum will be held on Tuesday, October 8, 2024. We invite European researchers to participate as speakers at the Forum (online or in person – please contact malatapi@mtroyal.ca)

News from Partner Organisations

IFSAM – International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management

The IFSAM Congress 2024 will be held from September 25th to 27th, 2024.

Approximate timings for this online congress will be 13:00-18:30 CEST each day.


Follow us for the updates! https://www.ifsam.org/


[SIG 04 – FABR – Family Business Research]

Seeking case study contributions for the ‘Family Businesses on a Mission’ book series, highlighting how family businesses contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each book features concise cases (<5000 words) showcasing a family business's impact on a specific SDG. Accessible beyond academia, welcoming submissions from practitioners, owners, advisors, policymakers, and those interested in entrepreneurship.

To submit an expression of interest, complete this 2-minute form: https://t.ly/yza9H.

The remaining books in the book series include #1 No Poverty (to be published in 2024), #2 Zero Hunger, #6 Clean Water and Sanitation, #7 Affordable and Clean Energy, #10 Reduce Inequalities, #14 Life Below Water, #15 Life on Land (to be published in 2024), #16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, #17 Partnerships for the Goals.

Want more information? Contact the editor Professor Naomi Birdthistle at n.birdthistle@griffith.edu.au and to find out more about the series click here: https://books.emeraldinsight.com/page/series-detail/family-businesses-on-a-mission/


[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Start your Wednesdays off in a great way at the Circular Economy Morning Coffee sessions on Teams!

Join us every Wednesday morning to hear a short presentation on themes related to sustainability and the circular economy. These presentations are followed by a discussion in a friendly atmosphere.

Sessions run 7.2.2024 – 15.5.2024 and are from 8.30–9.00 (UTC+2).

These coffees are hosted by the Research Center for Sustainable Circular Economy (CECE) based at the University of Eastern Finland. You can find the list of speakers here:  https://sites.uef.fi/cece/

See you there!

Register here: https://forms.office.com/e/B8SwLst5KH

Newsletter prepared by

Luisa Jaffé – EURAM Executive Officer

Eleonora Piacenza – EURAM Website Manager