• May 2022

Letter of the President

Dear Colleague,
Dear EURAM Friend,

EURAM 2022 is around the corner! From 15-17 June, we will all meet at the EURAM 2022 Conference organised by ZHAW SML in Winterthur, Switzerland. Over 1400 delegates will gather there to present about 900 papers in one of the 58 tracks of the conference. It will be wonderful to meet you again and to exchange new ideas as well as take advantage of the more informal events to chat and catch up.

During the last 18 months, Conference Chair Reto Steiner and his team were incredible partners on our collaborative journey. Their endless energy and commitment really make the impossible possible. They have put together a wonderful programme with an impressive lineup of Keynote Speakers. Watch out for section prepared by ZHAW SML of this newsletter to dig into the details.

Throughout the year, you got acquainted or already worked with the team of EURAM Vice Presidents who were featured sequentially in one of the newsletters. This time, I would like to introduce to you our new EURAM Vice President Science Diplomacy Maria Rentetzi, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg. With her focus she can give our academy an even more important role in academia, society and the overarching political landscape. Maria gives us more insight as to the roles we can play in dialoguing with policy makers, diplomats, journalists at an international level to enhance scientific cooperation, dissemination and impact

In this busy time at the end of the academic year, I hope to meet you at EURAM 2022 in Winterthur, Switzerland.

I look forward to our conversations and exchanges that will spur new inspiration, energy and drive for all of us!

Kathrin M. Moeslein

EURAM President

Maria Rentetzi, Vice President Responsible for Science Diplomacy

Although for scientists international collaborations have long been a constitutive and natural part of their work, even in periods of intense political upheavals, to diplomats and policy makers the institutional link between science and diplomacy has been fairly recent. During the last ten years science diplomacy has indeed evolved to become a catchy term of increasing importance that has caught the attention of both scientists and politicians at the highest level. What has been considered the seminal moment in the recent history of science diplomacy is the meeting on ‘New frontiers in science diplomacy’ organized jointly by the Royal Society of Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in June 2009. The list of attendees, a group of 200 delegates including government ministers, scientists, diplomats, policymakers, business leaders, and journalists from twenty countries, is a concrete example of the instrumental role science and scientific cooperation has been called upon to play in international affairs. In an attempt to define the term, attendees agreed that science, technology and innovation could play an important role in three dimensions of policy:

  1. informing foreign policy objectives with scientific advice (science in diplomacy);
  2. facilitating international scientific cooperation (diplomacy for science) and
  3. functioning as an alternative and, even, a last resort diplomatic tool, when economic and political diplomacy do not work (science for diplomacy).

Today science and especially innovation diplomacy have been evolved to highly sophisticated concepts used not only to analyze current diplomatic practices but also to offer solutions and address global challenges. For example, scholars question the ways scientific data have been produced and circulated on a global level; knowledge flows across national borders; international stakeholders promote certain technological solutions and reject others. Others critically analyze the kind of innovation and technical excellence that international organizations encourage that at the end disempowers global civil society.

With its ambitious focus to advance the discipline of management in Europe, EURAM has a key role to play in science and innovation diplomacy debates today. Brining, for example, a fresh perspective on what international management is and how to achieve diversity and social equality in corporate governance on a global level, EURAM scholars have the potential to diversify the discussion on science and innovation diplomacy beyond the natural sciences and engineering. In 2021 we have introduced for the science diplomacy to the EURAM board hoping to draw attention to the power of this concept for the members of the Academy.

Mine Karatas-Ozkan, Vice President Talent Development

On behalf of the EURAM Doctoral Accelerator Task Force

Michael Morley, Editor in Chief

Stefan Güldenberg, Vice President Practice

Panos Desyllas, Vice President Funding

EURAM 2022 Annual Conference

15-17 June 2022



Reto Steiner, Conference Chair EURAM 2022

There are just a few more days until the great event. The EURAM 2022 conference – the largest European conference for management sciences – is taking place in Switzerland for the first time. More than 1,400 participants can look forward to an incredible program.

Our international speakers will certainly be among the highlights. They come from a variety of backgrounds and are all trailblazers in the field of digital transformation and ready to inspire you with their insight and visionary thinking. Meet Amy Whitaker, Nassim Taleb, David Shrier, and many others at the ZHAW School of Management and Law (SML) in Winterthur. The following clip will give you a first impression of what to expect. Please feel free to share it on your media channels.



Why not take the opportunity to meet your SML hosts before the conference begins? By attending these labs offered by the SML, you can join other participants in taking a leap into the future of virtual learning and working.

Lab 1: myScripting


Lab 2: Digital Transformation in Finance


Labs3: Extended Realities


Lab 4: Augmented Reality


EURAM Gala Dinner

The conference concludes with a spectacular gala dinner on Friday 17 June. Experience “Swiss-ness” with all your senses – on the plate with culinary delights from all over Switzerland and on stage with extreme mountaineer Dani Arnold and vocal artist Martin O.

Switzerland Travel Tips

Planning to stay in Switzerland for a few extra days after the conference? We have put together some great ideas for half-day and full-day trips from Winterthur in our EURAM 2022 Switzerland Travel Guide. From the largest waterfall in Europe to picturesque mountain landscapes, six suggested destinations are waiting to be discovered. All of them are easy to reach by public transport.


We look forward to welcoming you to Winterthur, Switzerland, very soon.

EURAM 2022 Doctoral Colloquium

13-14 June 2022


EURAM Early Career Colloquium

European Management Review

We are pleased and proud to announce that the EMR new Aims & Scope and new Editorial Structure are now published on the journal home page:



The spirit of the pursued renewal,  described also in our Editorial, has been oriented at combining global outreach and community commitment, highly established and emerging scholars and subjects, international relevance and European legacy, and to raising quality especially and distinctively through a strong linkage between management and the social sciences: in the words of colleagues accepting to join in Editorial roles “an elegant intellectual enterprise across the world with European roots” (new joining Editor), “it sounds like you’ll be doing something unique and interesting here” (new joining Editorial Board member, USA).


Looking forward to your contributions!!

Anna Grandori & Michael Morley, Editors in Chief

Call for Papers – Special Issue of the European Management Review

Re-imagining the Workplace of the Future

The system will open for submissions to the Special Issue on October 30th, 2022 and close on December 9th, 2022

Guest Editors

Andri Georgiadou – Associate Professor and the Director of the Equality Inclusion and Diversity Center, Nottingham University Business School, University of Nottingham, UK. Email: andri.georgiadou@nottingham.ac.uk 

Dorothea Roumpi – Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, School of Labor and Employment Relations, Pennsylvania State University, USA. Email: dzr352@psu.edu 

Solon Magrizos – Associate Professor in Marketing, University of Birmingham, UK. Email: s.magrizos@bham.ac.uk

Anthony McDonnell – Full Professor of Human Resource Management, Deputy Dean and Head of Department of Management & Marketing, Cork University Business School, University College Cork, Ireland. Email: Anthony.mcdonnell@ucc.ie 

Read more: https://euram.academy/euram?service=info&p=hq_EMR_SpecialIssue_2

EURAM Grants

Next call for applications in Fall 2023.

EURAM Awards

Academic job Portals


List of open positions


Governance – Strategic Interest Groups

Ongoing online Conference activities

Dual Membership



[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

puntOorg – EURAM Business for Society SIG Best Paper Award 2022

On the occasion of the EURAM Conference, that will be held in Winterthur/Zurich, from 15 to 17 June, 2022, and with the aim of supporting scholars who are engaged in seeking different sources for organizational and managerial knowledge, and specifically within Arts and Humanities. puntOorg International Research Network will assign a prize to the best paper submitted to Business for society SIG, in the realm of Arts organizations and Arts and business for society. The paper will be awarded with a € 500 prize. The winner will be announced during the SIG award ceremony.

The jury will be composed by Edoardo Mollona, B4S SIG Chair, Full Professor of Management, University of Bologna Luigi Maria Sicca, Scientific Director of puntOorg, Full professor of Organization and HR Management, University of Naples Federico II; Davide Bizjak, University of Naples Federico II.


[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Babbage Industrial Innovation Policy Awards 2022

The need for effective policies towards industrial innovation has been thrown into sharp relief by recent international events. Increasingly complex relationships between technology, innovation and industrial competitiveness have been further complicated by the emergence of a global pandemic. Such challenges are likely to require new policies at local, national and regional levels. Traditionally, economics has provided the main conceptual frameworks for policymakers, but it is increasingly apparent that other disciplines including engineering, technology management and political science, provide essential perspectives and insights. Expertise and analysis from these and other disciplines need to be integrated with economic frameworks if robust and implementable policies are to be developed.

For additional information, you may contact Sarah Cheung Johnson sekyc2@cam.ac.uk or go to https://www.ciip.group.cam.ac.uk/news/iip-awards/

Submission deadline: 30 June 2022

Books, Journals & Publications

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

The poetics of organizing

Guest editors: Ilaria Boncori – University of Essex, UK, Monika Kostera – University of Warsaw, Poland, Jenny Helin – Uppsala University, Sweden, Achilleas Karayiannis – Aston University, UK, Emmanouela Mandalaki – NEOMA Business School, France, Noortje van Amsterdam – Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Deadline 23 February 2023


[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Wellness in crisis: Theorizing wellbeing in unsettled times

Guest editors: Enrico Cori – Polytechnic University of Marche, Gazi Islam – Grenoble École de Management, Daria Sarti – University of Florence, Teresina Torre – University of Genoa, Beliz Ulgen – Istanbul Commerce University

Deadline 31 January 2023


[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

British Journal of Management

Special Issue Call for Papers

Reimagining Business and Management as a Force for Good

Guest Editors:

Professor Ken McPhail, Alliance, Manchester Business School (kenneth.mcphail@manchester.ac.uk)

Professor Mario Kafouros Alliance, Manchester Business School (marios.kafouros@manchester.ac.uk)

Professor Peter McKiernan, Strathclyde Business School (peter.mckiernan@strath.ac.uk)

Professor Nelarine Cornelius, Queen Mary University (n.cornelius@qmul.ac.uk)

Paper submission deadline: 15 October 2022

The British Journal of Management (BJM) will publish a special issue on “Reimagining business and management as a force for good” in 2024. This special issue encourages theoretical and empirical contributions on how business and management is taking on a broader social purpose to address grand societal challenges. The collection of papers will complement and enrich existing theoretical and empirical work on the changing nature of the firm, new organisational futures, and sources of innovation and value generation. Also, we are interested in how these shifts impact business growth and productivity along with the internal management practices and intangible capitals responsible for driving these outcomes.

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Politics and Rhetoric of Italian State Steel Privatisation

A Gramscian Analysis


The globally spreading privatization wave that occurred in the 1990s deeply changed the structure of economic institutions worldwide. This turmoil overturned not only economic institutions, but shared cultural and societal institutions as well.

This book is the result of an investigation into the history of the privatization of the steel industry in Italy, completed between 1994 and 1995. It explores the history of the Italian steel industry by looking at the interplay of local intertwined interests, political relations, and ideological formations that characterized an idiosyncratic hegemonic historical bloc. Rather than stigmatising this pattern as the legacy of a dysfunctional provincialism, the authors mobilise Gramsci’s theory of hegemony to explain how the Italian privatization process unfolded to accommodate economic pressures, political interests, and ideological constraints of a hegemonic social group, or aggregation of social groups. Thus, in reconstructing the privatization of Italian steel, this book proposes a hegemony theory of privatization and, more generally, describes a model that explains how political and cultural dynamics give rise to idiosyncratic local variations in globally spreading policies.

It will be of interest to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of business history, economics, sociology and political science.

By Edoardo Mollona, Luca Pareschi

Routledge. 2022.

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

Philosophy and Business Ethics: Organizations, Csr and Moral Practice

Edited by Guglielmo Faldetta, Edoardo Mollona, Massimiliano Pellegrini

Palgrave, 2022.

This book explores the relationship between philosophy and business ethics. Academics and practitioners often muse about the ethical and moral aspect of management and business actions, but these studies can lack a deeper philosophical grounding. Contributors in this volume challenge this gap by applying different philosophical paradigms and theories to business management issues. The territory covered by the contributions collected in this book spans from the foundations of business management literature itself, to the role of philosophy in new business models and technology; from the way philosophical theory can explain – and encourage – ethical firm behaviour, to the political stance that an organization takes. Contributors take a holistic approach to business and management, bringing together real-world examples and rich academic theory, creating an interdisciplinary volume, with international authors. Covering important topics like corporate social responsibility, sustainability, leadership, and stakeholder relations, this book will be of interest to academics working in the field of business ethics, philosophy, and management studies.

[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

Industry and Higher Education

Call for papers

Special Issue: “Cultural and creative industries and the challenge of sustainable development: opportunities for higher education, businesses and communities”

Keywords: sustainability; cultural and creative industries; higher education; culture

Guest editors:

Elisa Salvador, Professor (PhD, HDR) of Innovation and Creativity at ESSCA School of Management, France, corresponding editor

Roberta Comunian, Reader in Creative Economy, Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College, London, UK

This Special Issue of Industry and Higher Education offers an opportunity to discover how CCIs are embracing the challenge of SDGs and to highlight best practices for the implementation of sustainable solutions through HEI–industry collaboration in various CCI sectors.

Research questions and topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • What role do HEIs play or what role can they play in developing creative human capital engaged in a sustainability agenda?
  • What role can businesses networks and platforms led or developed by HEIs play in developing local and national level agendas for sustainable CCIs?
  • What opportunities for collaboration are emerging between HEIs and CCIs in relation to the SDGs?
  • How does the presence of HEI and CCI networks support the SDGs agenda?
  • What practices are being implemented and could be considered as “smart” solutions for the sustainable growth of CCIs and HEIs?

The full text of the CfP is available here:



[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Forthcoming book:

Marzi, G. (2022). Uncertainty-driven Innovation: Managing the New Product Development Processes in an Unpredictable Environment. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. ISBN: 978-3-030-99533-1; 978-3-030-99534-8. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-99534-8

[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation]

Recent publication:

Marzi, G. (2022). On the Nature, Origins and Outcomes of Over Featuring in the New Product Development Process. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, In Press. DOI: 10.1016/j.jengtecman.2022.101685

[SIG 08 –SPORT – Managing Sport]

Dear Colleagues,

please explore our new textbook:

International Business Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management: An Applied Approach.

It provides an advanced and applied approach to traditional international business that integrates key cross-cultural management topics. Its ten chapters give profound insights into analysing, selecting and entering international markets, strategic partnerships, strategic positioning, global value chains, organizational designs, intercultural interaction, leadership and motivation and international HRM.

For each of these topics, advanced and contemporary theoretical and analytical frameworks are discussed and translated into toolsets that will assist readers in solving practical challenges.

Key Features:

  • A strong connection of theoretical foundations with illustrative case studies
  • Integration of current trends and challenges, such as intercultural competence, migration and digitalization, offshoring and global value chains
  • Comprehensive practical examples from multinational firms that demonstrate the value of the frameworks and toolsets included in each chapter
  • An integrative case study that picks up key practical challenges in each chapter and invites the reader to apply theories, frameworks and toolsets
  • A supplementary website that provides multiple materials for furthering readers’ knowledge, including toolsets, further cases and exercises, accompanying videos, quizzes, and presentation slides

More information is here:


The book’s landing page is here: https://www.e-elgar.com/textbooks/richter/

For any further questions, please approach me: Nicole – nicole@sam.du.dk


[SIG 09 – OB – Organizational Behaviour]

The article “Work from Home Success: Agile work characteristics and the Mediating Effect of supportive HRM” which was presented at EURAM 2021 in the track Big Data, Data Analytics, and New Forms of Work has just been published within the scope of the special issue announced with this track in the journal review of managerial science.

It is open access and can be read here: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11846-022-00545-5

The article by Lukas Heidt, Felix Gauger and Andreas Pfnür from Tu Darmstadt in Germany shows how agile working can increase work success in the home office and examines how human resource measures can best contribute to employee success.

[SIG 12 – RM&RP – Research Methods and Research Practice]

The paper-back version of Field Guide to Intercultural Research (Edward Elgar Publishing) is now available: https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/gbp/field-guide-to-intercultural-research-9781788970112.html

This informative field guide features 29 chapters and is specifically designed to be used in the field, guiding the reader away from pitfalls and towards best practice. It shares valuable fieldwork challenges and experiences across four continents, as well as insights into key methodological debates and practical recommendations relevant to both new and seasoned researchers. Expert contributors focus on the role of culture and the intercultural challenges that fieldworkers encounter.

Editors: David Guttormsen (University of South-Eastern Norway), Jakob Lauring (Aarhus University) and Malcolm Chapman (retired, formerly University of Leeds).

[SIG 13 – SM – Strategic Management]

Futurize! Dealing with megatrends and disruptors

ISBN 9781032226057

June 15, 2022 Forthcoming by Routledge

176 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations

The future will bring only more megatrends and disruptions. With the guidance of this book, which centers around the authors’ years-of-research-backed high-performance organizations (HPO) framework and includes the unique self-assessment tool Futurize! Diagnosis, business leaders and organizations will be prepared and truly ‘future ready.’

The next two decades will present massive challenges for organizations, as they navigate the need for sustainable development against a complex backdrop of factors such as increasing inequality, resource scarcity, continued globalization, and the ever-increasing speed of technological advancement.

This book will help business leaders and organizations set priorities and make decisions so that not only do they honor commitments to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but also become more future ready by:

  • identifying the megatrends and disruptors which impact organizations now and will in the future
  • specifically outlining how those megatrends and disruptors will impact organizations
  • showing how organizations can deal with this impact in practical terms.

This book is a must for management teams, aspiring leaders, and professionals and scholars interested in strategic management, the future of work, human resource management, and innovation.


[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

We are pleased to inform you that BRQ Business Research Quarterly has launched a new special issue: “Leadership in special contexts”, which focuses on the particularities of leadership in those contexts that require organisations to make sense of an emerging reality and/or to exercise specific forms of contextual agency, mainly emerging contexts and crisis contexts.

As the call for papers for this special issue is currently open, we encourage you to submit your papers before the deadline (January 31, 2023), through the journal’s platform (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/brq). All information about this special issue is available at: https://journals.sagepub.com/pb-assets/cmscontent/BRQ/BRQ_Special%20Issue_Leadership-1645619667.pdf

We look forward to receiving your submissions and send you our warmest regards,

Franz W. Kellermanns, Miguel Pina e Cunha, María Concepción López-Fernández, & Remedios Hernández Linares

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

Call for Papers for a Special Issue “Leadershipinspecial contexts” Submission deadline: January 31,2023 Guest Editors: Franz Kellermanns, Miguel Pina e Cunha, María Concepción López-Fernández, Remedios Hernández-Linares.


Recent Appointments

Research Networks and Centres

[SIG 01 – B4S – Business for Society]

With international partners, we started this highly interdisciplinary project on International Organizations:

“Deliberative Quality in Trade-Related International Organizations”

How could the concept of Deliberative Quality help improve the conditions under which decisions are made, and could it serve to develop better processes and outcomes in trade-related organizations?

More info: https://snis.ch/projects/deliberative-quality-in-trade-related-international-organizations/

Scholarship and Doctoral Theses

[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

The dissertation “New Work Environments: The Economic Relevance of Flexible Office Space” by Felix Gauger from Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt examines the relevance of coworking spaces as new forms of flexible work environments from a real estate, work organization and socio-economic perspective. The future of work brings multiple changes and companies are forced to act leaner, more agile and more innovative. Within five articles it is shown how new workspaces can contribute to work success and what impact they have on entrepreneurial activities and regional growth.

The dissertation can be found open access here: https://doi.org/10.26083/tuprints-00019432




Interested in using games and simulations in your management teaching and research?

The Project Business Research group at University of Oulu, Finland has developed a web browser-based configurable simulation and game environment for teaching and researching management phenomena.

The environment has been applied in project management context to teach various phenomena and skills, such as risk management, portfolio management, and agile project management. Over 50 pilots have been organized in 20 different universities globally. The feedback has been excellent from both teachers and students. The pilots have been used for teaching purposes (how educational games support learning), but also for research purposes (studying decision-making in project context).

If you are interested in learning more (e.g., applying the environment in your teaching/research), please contact Professor Jaakko Kujala (Jaakko.kujala@oulu.fi).

More info: https://www.pmlearning.fi/

Workshops & Conferences

[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

Invitation to IMES 2022 Plenary Lectures (25.5.2022, online)

Dear Colleagues,

we provide you with a unique opportunity to participate in a set of plenary lectures, where esteemed scholars from IMES related fields (Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability) will discuss selected aspects of the up-to-date research trends.

  • Exploit the opportunity and learn from the gatekeepers of the field.
  • Discuss with them the most recent research trends in IMES related fields.

May 25, 2022, 9:00-12:30 CET TIME, register here: https://imes.vse.cz/registration/  (free of charge)

Lectures included in the programme:

  • Jolanda Hessels: An entrepreneur a day keeps the Doctor away – Entrepreneurship and wellbeing
  • Rupert Baumgartner: Sustainable Business Practices: Drivers, Agents of Change and Performance
  • Thomas Zellweger: Entrepreneurs as scientists: A pragmatist approach to producing value out of uncertainty
  • Wim Vanhaverbeke: Open innovation in complex innovation ecosystems – How to digitally transform healthcare, energy and agriculture?

We are looking forward to your participation Please, feel free to share this event within your network.

On behalf of the IMES team,

Ondřej Dvouletý

Associate Professor

Department of Entrepreneurship, Prague University of Economics and Business

[SIG 06 – INNO – Innovation] 

The Innovation SIG is sponsoring a workshop organized in Naples next May 25th, on “Innovation management in healthcare. Where are we going?”

Here is the link to the workshop = http://www.newpic.fr/02seminarevent20220525.html

The workshop will take place in hybrid mode (Zoom webinar and physical attendance in Naples), with presentations of the papers published by the authors selected for the special issue of the European Journal of Innovation Management about the same topic. We will also have a keynote by Vicenzo Corvello, editor in chief of EJIM.

Attendance is free, registration mandatory.

The event is co-organized by Francesco Schiavone (Parthenope Univ, Naples) and David W Versailles (newPIC chair, Paris School of Business).


[SIG 07 – IM – International Management]

EU Social Networks Conference: “Social Network Analysis and International Business” London 12–16 Sept 2022.

The track seeks to showcase rigorous  use of SNA in IB research and promote cutting-edge developments in areas such as:

  • SNA of the internationalisation process
  • Knowledge exchange within MNEs
  • Types of cross-border relationships
  • Entrepreneurship and Internationalization of SMEs
  • MNE interaction with external environments
  • MNE Corporate political activity
  • What network theories can we develop to address new challenges in IB?
  • How can we adapt SNA methods for today’s IB research challenges?
  • How can SNA account for the dynamism and temporality of IB phenomena?

Abstract submissions due: May 8th


[SIG 12 – RM&RP – Research Methods and Research Practice]

1st Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Family Business Studies

We cordially invite you to submit your proposals for the 1st Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Family Business Studies – A focus on Big Data and Machine Learning – on 10-11 November 2022, at IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy (http://www.imtlucca.it/en).

We aim to engage SMEs, entrepreneurship and family business scholars developing interdisciplinary research, with a specific focus on big data and machine learning.

We welcome contributions based on your ongoing or completed research. Information and a dedicated website will be shortly available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Stefano Amato and Alessia Patuelli

stefano.amato@imtlucca.it, alessia.patuelli@imtlucca.it

[SIG 14 – Conference General Track]

Advances in technologies like Artificial Intelligence or Intelligent robots are continuing to influence business processes. While these offer certain business advantages, they can also expose employees and organizations themselves to new risks. We invitee submissions for a workshop on “(Ir)responsible exponential technologies in organizations: managerial issues and organizational dilemmas” at the “XV Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems & The XIX Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS”. Papers should focus on ethical and trust issues around exponential technologies in organizations and their implications for stakeholders, society, and the economy. The deadline for full paper submission is May 29th, 2022. The conference will be held on October 14-15, 2022, in Catanzaro, Italy. It will be possible to attend the Conference also virtually.



News from Partner Organisations

IFSAM 2021 Annual Newsletter is online https://www.ifsam.org/blog/2022/05/23/ifsam-2021-annual-newsletter/


The International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM) is pleased to seek nominations for the following two 2022 Awards. Nominations, including self-nominations, comprising the relevant materials set out in each award category below should be sent by filling the form at the following link: https://www.ifsam.org/submit-2022-awards/  by September 15, 2022 at midnight (CEST). Nomination materials will be evaluated by individual selection committees (one for each award) established by the IFSAM General Assembly Committee on Awards. The awardees will be announced on our website and social media in late Dec 2022-early 2023. Each award recipient will receive an IFSAM Award Certificate and an honorarium of 1500 Euros in recognition of his/her achievement.

For any question, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat at the email address: awards@ifsam.org

IFSAM Monthly Bulletin – April  2022


[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

This Special Issue “Fantastic Ventures and Where to Find Them: Gazelles, Unicorns, and other Entrepreneurial Evolutions” of the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development tries to advance the understanding of these ‘fantastic’ entrepreneurial species. The objective is to clarify whether gazelles, unicorns, zebras, and so on constitute a new paradigm in entrepreneurial thought, or if they are merely a distraction.

We call for submissions that investigate, through qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies and approaches (e.g., evolution, co-evolution, etc.), new entrepreneurial evolutions.


[SIG 03 – ENT – Entrepreneurship]

How can tourism companies be helped on their path to a greater sustainability? This is the main question to which SEEDS FOR TOMORROW wants to answer. On March, 2022, the ‘Support Environmental  Education for sustainable Development touriSm for tomorrow’ (SEEDS FOR TOMORROW) project has started. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and will last 24 months. The project is led by Consorzio Promos Ricerche, with the scientific and managerial support by researchers and technologists from the Italian National Research Council. The project aims to promote the adaptation of tourism SMEs towards more sustainable business models, by developing green skills and competences among the employees, and guiding them in achieving the EU ECOLABEL certification. The tourism hospitality companies involved will be from Italy and Turkey, and the first course of the project will start in the next months. Further details:

piera.buonincontri@ismed.cnr.it, daniela.degregorio@ismed.cnr.it


[SIG 12 – RM&RP – Research Methods and Research Practice]

This Special Issue “Fantastic Ventures and Where to Find Them: Gazelles, Unicorns, and other Entrepreneurial Evolutions” of the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development tries to advance the understanding of these ‘fantastic’ entrepreneurial species. The objective is to clarify whether gazelles, unicorns, zebras, and so on constitute a new paradigm in entrepreneurial thought, or if they are merely a distraction.

We call for submissions that investigate, through qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies and approaches (e.g., evolution, co-evolution, etc.), new entrepreneurial evolutions.


Newsletter prepared by

Luisa Jaffé – EURAM Executive Officer

Eleonora Piacenza – EURAM Website Manager